Stewart Coates(non-registered)
Hi Chris, just emailing you the Mongolia contact and viewing your work. Stunning images!
peter smith South Africa(non-registered)
You already know what a big fan I am of your stuff. I only wish I could join you on some of your adventures, you could teach me so much. Perhaps if I could afford to put my wife in Champneys for a month she may let me go!!
I haven't commented on each one of your latest shots Chris becaause they are all great in their own way, each shot telling a story of every day life. I guess you can only get these intimate shots if you are prepared to go and live with the locals for awhile so they come to trust you. Try doing it as a tourist and most will want money or just get aggressive. (In China I was chased down the street because I pointed my camcorder at him).
Just a couple of questions-well a lot of questions, but that would need meeting you in your local ha ha!-
Did you shoot any video on your DSLR if so I would like to see it. And how did you soften the features on the CU of the girls to make the eyes stand out.

Keep up the great work
cheers peter 1
Margaret lipscombe(non-registered)
Me and my little very basic!
LOVE your work, Chris
Am using your site as an example in my web design research subject
Alison Uttley(non-registered)
Chris - Amazing pics and a great site to display them. The best pics of my childhood are the ones you took ! Sadly they are old and faded now...thanks for the memories !
Here we go again. Every time I see Chris' pictures I want to sell my camera...
Keith in Oz.(non-registered)
Awesome shots Chris, this veiwing platform is great... Keith.
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