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Created 18-Mar-11
Modified 10-Jun-16
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Just a few of the very interesting people I have encountered during my travels.
I am facinated by the personality which most of the time is hidden within a person. I try to capture that special something within !

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Young girl from the tribal area of OrissaLadakhi residentChinese quarter. San FranciscoMonk from KathmanduGirl from Muslim quarter. DelhiGirl from Phnom PenhLady from LadakhElderly lady from LadakhOld man from ladakhLady from Phnom PenhMan from VaranasiMan from ThailandWoman from Orissa tribeWoman from Orissa tribeTribal family OrissaGirl from OrissaOld man from OrissaTribal woman. OrissaTea seller in CalcuttaElderly man from Varanasi